The Albany Bulb - free roadkill art

Located on a spit of land across the bay from San Francisco, this former landfill is now part of the East Shore State Park. Most of the homeless were expelled in 1999 but some have returned. Ribar, scrap metal, concrete slabs, driftwood, etc provide the raw materials for the constantly evolving art scene.

A lawless realm. A santuary from oppression: peaceful paradise for creation.

Bring on the Rev!---anonymous

Sargeant Pepper
Peace, Love and Boxing



Love Dwells Within


Mama Bear with Her Dog, Roddy, at the Free Box

Mama Bear

Sue Gathering Scrap Metal 

Reportedly a Portrait of Laci Peterson, Whose Murdered Body was Washed Ashore in This Area 

Stencils Found at Albany Bulb

Record Totem by Pez

Face by ATWA

Jabba the Hutt

Rubix Cube

Landfill Sculpture


Shore Bird

Swamp Donkey

The Thinker

Diving Board

Boat Camping

Shopping Carts



In Memory of Caulen White Owl

The Wooden Goddess, The Albany Bulb, Albany, California

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